This partnership enabled us to develop new systems for training teachers,
leaders and coaches in our schools.  It provided us with access to
research expertise that brought new perspectives and helped us
rethink how we did our core business in these and other schools.

District Administrator in QLD

I used to think I knew how to teach comprehension really well.  I now realise that I wasn't really teaching it well at all.  But now... I have completely changed what I do and the kids really get it.  They actually look forward to it instead of avoiding it. 

Teacher, NT

I feel more confident because I have a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding on the development and teaching and learning of reading and reading comprehension.  I have learned ample amounts of pedagogical tools to implement into my classroom and how to create a reading environment that captivates students, builds self-confidence and frees their minds to participate fully in everyday contexts.

Teacher, QLD

We have been using what we learned in real time throughout the three years of this project to inform policy, train leaders and coaches and to develop processes for enhancing school effectiveness.  Our coaching team has trained all our school teams on the inquiry process and is using tools from the project to promote organisational learning in many school sites that were not originally part of this partnership.

District Administrator, QLD

... once we started seeing some phenomenal results, I really felt other teachers started to sit up and take notice and then they wanted to be involved too.  So, that was really powerful for us.

Principal, QLD

I felt very comfortable. I trusted them, I trusted the way they were working, I trusted that what they were doing was going to actually make a difference.

Leader, QLD

I'm using the many strategies that you have taught us... including timed reading, 3 book challenges, paired assisted reading, knee to knee reading.  And by the way, these strategies have been amazing in helping move the kids in my grade forward!  Who would have thought that such simple practices could have such a powerful impact!

Teacher,  VIC

I think this Partnership has been a great opportunity for us to show how schools and universities and regions can work differently and effectively.  It’s had an impact.  It would be wonderful to think that it could be replicated, and I’m hoping it can – I think it can.
I watched it unfold.  I always felt, with Kath, that I was talking to someone who treated me like an equal.

Principal, QLD

I think what I have learned this year is that the kids CAN learn.  I need to have higher expectations.  I've learned that if they don't learn I need to keep working instead of waiting. 

Teacher, NT

I really believe that the opportunity to share the professional development and learning has been exceptional.

Principal, QLD


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