Tools for Teaching Content Area Literacy Strategies (CALS): Rich Resource Sets            

Power up your content area program with our Rich Resource Sets.  We know busy high school teachers often need help finding quality resources to help them try new and effective ideas.  In each set you will find practical and informative resources focused on a specific literacy area or “Powerful Practice”.  Each Powerful Practice is research-based, student centred and can be used flexibly with a range of learners to ensure maximum impact on student learning.  In our research, we found that these “Powerful Practices” used repeatedly and creatively in classrooms helped to build instructional routines for quality teaching and learning in all content areas.  



Each ALL resource set includes 3 separate resources:

A downloadable “How to Guide” (or HTG) will start your learning journey.  This four page PDF provides up to date information and practical advice about your area of study.  As well as step-by step instructions for implementation and maintenance, each guide includes a handy photocopy master that will help you get your students started easily.
Web-links to video examples are provided so that you can see the "Powerful Practices" in action and get a feel for how they should look when you start to use them. 
Additional professional reading is essential to well-grounded professional learning.  We have provided links to further readings that will help you deepen your understandings of research, theory and practice for teaching.  Read them yourself.  Share them with colleagues.  Discuss them at meetings!


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