Partnership Opportunities

ALL offers partnership opportunities in the form of programs for individual schools or across a wider network, region or system.  We have worked with multiple jurisdictions and across a variety of individual school sites across the country.

We negotiate partnerships and purpose-built programs to meet individual schools’ needs.  While ALL draws on wide and relevant research to establish a workable solution for each school, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or simple program. 

Change work is complex and our solutions reflect that.  We work in partnership to scope the goals and contexts for improvement and then negotiate workable and optimally paced improvement plans tailored to needs.


The Single School Partnership

This type of partnership is designed to provide intensive support for a single school that’s committed to improving its students’ outcomes through a comprehensive change process.

This type of partnership offers:

  • comprehensive school-based support to the leadership team for gathering and analysing data.
  • data coaching and mentoring with teachers to help them develop innovations for literacy instruction.
  • targeted professional development to enhance teachers’ capacity and statistical monitoring three times each year to measure uptake and impact.
  • Website membership for all teachers and leaders.

The School Network Partnership

This type of partnership is designed to provide a cost-effective option for a cluster of schools that can see the benefit of working together.  These schools may include a high school and its feeder primary schools or several schools in a close geographic area serving the same community.  Schools in the network have a cross-school leadership.

This type of partnership offers:

  • training and professional learning.
  • in-school modelling for key inquiry tasks.
  • guidance for data gathering and analysis.
  • instructional response with the school leadership team (in February, June and November).
  • website membership for all teachers and leaders.

The System Partnership

This type of partnership works well for a school systems. We can provide a train-the-trainer professional learning program for large numbers of schools.

District personnel, school leaders and school-based facilitators are trained to assess school needs, and negotiate goals and consensus.  They also learn how to promote a culture of inquiry in the system’s schools.

Key personnel participate in a series of workshops and short courses held at central locations where they learn to support leaders and teachers to:

  • administer assessments.
  • collate results.
  • interpret assessment information.
  • plan needs-based instruction.

Special courses help teachers develop in-depth literacy teaching knowledge and promote skills in observation and instructional coaching.

A System Partnership has an ongoing focus on building well-functioning professional learning communities, and engaging in effective professional learning conversations.

All teachers and leaders participating in a System Partnership are offered website membership.

Professional Learning for School Leadership Teams

Workshops for school leaders and coaches

Workshop – Change Leadership: Essential Tools

Darwin  April 16, 2014: Centrepoint Business Centre, Smith Street, Darwin

Brisbane  April 22, 2014: Griffith University, Southbank Campus, Brisbane

Ipswich: April 29, 2014: Gailes Golf Course, Wacol, Qld

Download the flyer here
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Workshop purpose

To help school leaders and coaches better negotiate a whole-school commitment to literacy improvement through the use of research-tested tools and strategies for ongoing data inquiry and reflective practice.

What’s involved?

You will participate in learning activities designed to develop your skills in engaging teachers in meaningful, collaborative and reflective conversations around student data and quality teaching and learning.  You will also gain an in-depth understanding of how to plan and execute rigorous cycles of assessment for learning using tools that promote reflection and track changes in student and teacher learning.

You will learn how to

  • better engage with the collaborative inquiry process as it relates to student performance data.
  • use ALL tools to enhance data inquiry and reflective practice in your school.
  • develop a variety of ways to help teachers link data with literacy development and classroom instruction.
  • enhance your school team’s ability to work together by recognising strengths and needs in professional learning.

You will take away

  • Copies of tools that will help you manage the change process in your own school.
  • The know-how to use the tools effectively as part of a comprehensive approach to improving teaching, learning and student achievement.
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