Our People

The ALL team is unique in the quality of its people.  We are teachers, coaches, researchers, statisticians and teacher educators who work together, pooling expertise to develop workable and effective solutions for teachers and schools.

Dr Kath Glasswell

Research Director

Dr Kath Glasswell is an international expert in instructional change and collaborations with schools for innovation in literacy instruction.  She is a stellar research-practitioner who bridges the complex theory–practice divide in modelling whole-school literacy improvement in disadvantaged communities.  Kath has undertaken instructional innovation and school change initiatives in diverse urban communities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Lindsey Judd

Research Associate

Lindsey Judd is a school improvement researcher and an experienced primary school teacher with knowledge of school systems in Australia and the United States.  Her particular area of expertise is in helping schools develop and maintain well-functioning professional learning communities for literacy improvement.

Dr Shelley MacDonald

Research Associate

Dr Shelley MacDonald is a senior researcher with a background in developmental psychology and education in diverse urban communities.  She has extensive experience working with teachers and schools in Australia and New Zealand.  Shelley has successfully partnered with schools and systems to gather and manage research data and to build community-focused relationships among teachers, schools, families, universities and government agencies.


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