Leadership Tools: Leading a Culture of Inquiry

At ALL we believe that information is power.  Before beginning on your next change initiative, it might be useful to gather data about how your school and the individuals in it are getting along.  Change is an organisational process, but it is also a very human process.  Effective leadership teams understand that change must proceed in ways that help all members of the school team feel valued and committed to a collective mission.   

The ALL Leadership Tools are designed to help you gather information that can make you more responsive as a leadership team.  We are providing access to the tools listed below so that you can begin to use them to help you plan effectively for change.  They are available here as downloads that you can photocopy for use.  

ALL Survey Service

For a low cost we provide a survey service to schools.  We can gather data electronically directly via our own survey tool using an email invitation to all staff members.  Handing over data collection to a neutral organisation like ALL can save you time and also help you get more accurate, honest responses to critical questions about change initiatives.  If you would like the ALL team to conduct the surveys on your behalf and provide you with a detailed report and analysis, click the inquiry button below to contact us.  

ALL School Culture Rubrics: How would you rate the cultural climate of your school?

ALL PLC Survey: How well is your school's professional learning community functioning?

ALL Reflective Practice Inventory: How reflective is your school's teaching team?

ALL Literacy Learning Walks: How evidence-based are your suggestions for changes to practice?










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