Copy of t’s All About Differentiation: Learning for Everyone in your English classroom


Who is this workshop designed for?

Years 7-9 HPE Teachers and HODs

What is this workshop about?

As teachers, we know we have the task of meeting the learning needs of students with a wide range of literacy abilities, including in our HPE classes. When learning is tailored to specific student learning needs, student literacy performance is greatly enhanced.

There are three key reasons for HPE teachers to differentiate learning in their classroom:

  1. Ensure access to learning for all students;
  2. Provide a motivation to learn;
  3. Facilitate effective and efficient learning.
How can we create engaging lessons where each student is motivated to read, and to learn content, when resources and time are tight?


In this workshop participants will:


  • Learn the aspects of instruction adapted to meet specific learning goals for different groups of learners  in Years 7-9 HPE
  • Move beyond the 'hazy lesson' and plan your classroom focus and activities with specific groups of students designed to motivate
  • Discover how to set up effective student-centred Powerful Practices which create opportunities for all to be challenged and engaged
  • Develop strategies and classroom organisation for overcoming disengagement and avoidance in an HPE class - common dispositions that students adopt when they cannot access learning in classrooms.

Take Aways:

  • A student-centred way of structuring the lesson for optimising different levels of ability
  • Thinking Tools and Powerful Practices useful in making thinking visible to help students access reading
Venue: Griffith University, Nathan Campus
Starting: 3:30 PM
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Ending: 5:15 PM
Phone Enquiries: 07 3735 5643

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