Let Them SEE Your Thinking: How Think-Alouds improve student outcomes in your HPE classroom

Who is this workshop designed for?

Years 7-9 HPE Teachers and HODs

What is this workshop about?

By modelling how fluent readers think about the text and problem solve as they read, the invisible act of reading is made visible. Thinking out loud while introducing and analysing texts with students in your HPE class is a powerful way to highlight the strategies used by thoughtful expert readers.

This type of modelling encourages students to develop the "habits of mind" proficient readers employ. Make this a powerful practice in your class and see the difference.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how the brain processes reading, including the strategic and interpretive thinking moves expert readers make
  • Work with a sample text to plan a Think-Aloud, drawing on the Big 6 comprehension strategies
  • Conduct the prepared Think-Aloud for an audience of peers: then you are ready to take it into class to engage and motivate your reluctant adolescent readers!
Venue: Griffith University, Nathan Campus
Starting: 3:30 PM
Thursday 3rd March 2016
Ending: 5:15 PM
Phone Enquiries: 07 3735 5643

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