The Power of Paired Wide Reading in your HPE classroom

Who is this workshop designed for?

Years 7-9 HPE Teachers and HODs


What is Paired Wide Reading? And why is it so powerful?

PWR text sets are graded text sets that build HPE content knowledge by providing supported reading interactions between students.  The Text sets are designed to be a powerful practice used to create opportunities to improve fluency, develop comprehension strategies and improve vocabulary.

Issues generally affecting adolescent readers can be remedied by:
  1. Wide and relevant reading;
  2. Comprehension strategy instruction;
  3. Authentic collaboration and discussion;
  4. Attention to motivational factors ;
  5. Vocabulary instruction;

and Paired Wide Reading hits all of these!

But where do you get the texts? How many do you need? What kinds of texts can be used?

Find out how to create a Paired Wide Reading Text set theme, and how to set up this powerful practice in your class.

In this workshop teachers will:

  • Learn how and why Paired Wide Reading text sets are powerful for use within the HPE curriculum where there are often challenging , content heavy texts on topics such as drugs and alcohol, relationships and personal safety
  • Create a theme on the topic of your choice for more student-centred reading and inter-thinking which has a range of mode, purpose and audience
  • Learn how innovative Thinking Tools can be used with Paired Wide Reading texts to create opportunities for thinking in, through and out of the text in your HPE classroom
  • Map ways we can use PWR text sets to deepen and broaden HPE content knowledge and create opportunities for more reading and inter-thinking about their own and others' healthy, wellbeing and physical activity.
Venue: Griffith University, Nathan Campus
Starting: 3:30 PM
Thursday 18th February 2016
Ending: 5:15 PM
Phone Enquiries: 07 3735 5643

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