How Do They Know They’re On Track? The Power Of Timely and Effective Feedback in your English Class

Who is this workshop designed for?

Years 7-9 English Teachers and HODs

What is this workshop about?

Feedback needs to be timely, transparent and authentic to be effective for maximum engagement.  We must actively discuss with students what their results show about where they are currently.  Students use this evidence to create goals for improving performance.  To be successful, feedback needs to be linked to instructional not behavioural goals, which are designed to be challenging. 

Given that teachers have so much data and information about student performance, sharing this with them creates opportunities for an authentic purpose and direction in their learning.  Feedback is an integral part of this learning cycle.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Set up how to engage students in a shared learning journey in the classroom
  • Explore the language of open feedback conversations used with students
  • Provide feedback on reading performance data with each individual and the English class as a whole, to create opportunities for improvements
  • Make links between feedback and student-specific goals

Take Aways:

  • Specific strategies for how to give feedback about reading performances
  • Examples of how to set up your classroom for optimising feedback conversations
Venue: Griffith University, Nathan Campus
Starting: 3:30 PM
Wednesday 9th March 2016
Ending: 5:15 PM
Phone Enquiries: 07 3735 5643

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