Batchelor Area School is located in the township of Batchelor, 100km south of Darwin. As one of the Territory's three area schools, Batchelor Area School caters for students from early to middle years, with senior year programs being offered in partnership with the NT Open Education Centre.  BAS has an enrolment of 134 students of whom 63% are indigenous.  The school has a full-time teaching staff of 20.  The attendance rate at time of implementation was 82%.  The school ICSEA value is 777.  Being an area school, Batchelor experiences high staff mobility.  Though there are some long serving teachers,  most teachers stay less than three years.  There has also been a significant change in leadership.  The current Principal had been at the school for 12 months at the time of implementation.  Batchelor Area School aims to become a school where all teachers, support staff, students and families work together as a learning community, dedicated to caring and supporting active participation and positive expectations for all students.

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