Our Philosophy

The ALL team of teachers and literacy researchers have decades of experience in building teacher capacity so that all children experience more equitable opportunities to learn in K-12 public schools.  Our work is underpinned by the belief that the development of literacy is closely connected to the development of an equitable society.  To fully explore the relationship between literacy and its role in developing an equitable society, especially as it relates to schools and schooling, we believe that there must be a real dialogue between research and practice. Our work is firmly situated at this meeting place.  Our strength as a team of teachers and literacy scholars is that we straddle the worlds of research and practice.  We strive to make research credible and relevant to teachers and we engage in cutting edge research that contributes tangibly to the ways the research community understands the complexities of life in classrooms, schools and communities.


Our People

The ALL team is unique in the quality of its people.  We are teachers, coaches, researchers, statisticians and teacher educators who work together, pooling expertise to develop workable and effective solutions for teachers and schools.


Lindsey Judd is ALL's Project Director.  Lindsey is a school improvement researcher and an experienced primary school teacher with knowledge of school systems in Australia and the United States.  As Project Director, Lindsey brokers partnerships with schools, determining the goals and contexts for improvement and negotiating workable change plans to meet each school's needs. Her particular area of expertise is in helping schools develop and maintain well-functioning professional learning communities for literacy improvement. Lindsey has also worked as a School Based Researcher (SBR) within the Smart Education Partnership Project at Griffith University.




Nicky Glasswell is an ALL School Based Researcher (SBR) with responsibility for Science and Mathematics. She is a Zoologist by honours degree with a Master of Science in Information Technology.  Nicky has worked as a senior High School teacher/Head of Department in the UK for 15 years.  She has experience in state and private schools in Scotland and England teaching Science/Biology, Maths, ICT and Computing and has also taught from Years 5 through to 12.  Nicky also has a wealth of experience in student development through the variety of outdoor work she has completed through The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, international expeditions and extra-curricular clubs and projects. With her IT expertise, Nicky also manages the project data.

Willemina Mostert is an ALL School Based Researcher (SBR). Willemina has been an experienced Senior Teacher with Education Queensland and has a special interest in literacy learning. She has worked as a classroom teacher in primary school and secondary school settings in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. She has held positions as curriculum coordinator, principal project officer and a variety of positions within school leadership and has her Master of Education in Curriculum and Pedagogy. Wil also worked as a SBR in the Smart Education Partnership project at Griffith University. Wil's special interest is in literacy in the social sciences.


Patricia Funnell is the ALL research assistant. She was a teacher for over twenty years in classrooms within both high school and post-compulsory settings, with the focus on Journalism and Communications. She has worked on numerous research projects over the past five years across four states and NT focussing on teaching and learning in diverse environments. She is research-focussed and is currently completing her PhD. Within ALL, Patricia's role focuses on the day-to-day operations of the team.

Lesley Mayn is a part-time ALL School Based Researcher. She also worked as SBR within the Smart Education Partnership Project at Griffith University.





Associate Professor Kathryn Glasswell is ALL's Research Champion. Kath is an international expert in instructional change and collaborations with schools for innovation in literacy instruction.  She is a stellar research-practitioner who bridges the complex theory/practice divide in modelling whole-school literacy improvement in disadvantaged communities.  Kath has undertaken instructional innovation and school change initiatives in diverse urban communities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Kath established the ALL program following on from the highly successful ARC-funded Literacy Lessons for Logan Learners (LL4LL): A Smart Education Partnerships Initiative. Kath currently holds an adjunct position at Griffith University and is Associate Professor of Reading Education at California State University in the United States teaching in the graduate program for Reading Specialists and MS Reading.


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