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This is a professional learning website built by Griffith University teachers and researchers to promote high levels of pedagogical content knowledge for literacy teaching.  We focus on literacy because being literate is a significant factor in school success.  Even so, large numbers of students around the world continue to achieve poorly in literacy.  The consequences of low literacy achievement are felt at individual, local and national levels.  The Accelerating Literacy Learning (ALL) partnerships project is designed to help schools build capacity for enhanced literacy teaching and learning.  It engages school leaders and teachers in a collaborative inquiry intervention that develops their potential to design innovative learning solutions based on an accurate diagnosis of literacy problems.

ALL is backed by over ten years of educational research conducted by Associate Professor Kathryn Glasswell.  The ALL project builds on research that was funded by the ARC Linkage scheme (LP0990585).  This research won four excellence and innovation awards for teaching, learning and instructional design.  Over the course of three years in the Smart Education Partnership (SEP) project, our school leaders shaped their schools as effective organisations engaged in inquiry around teaching and learning, our teachers honed their skills to become adaptive experts, and our students' achievement improved at an accelerated rate.

ALL's impact is far reaching.  From an initial engagement with 12 schools, over 290 teachers and more than 5000 students, the project has extended its influence to Australia's Northern Territory, Victoria and the Catholic Education system in Queensland.  ALL research has been widely published in international refereed journals, as well as in books and book chapters.  In addition, the ALL school support website offers world-wide access to the research tools and teaching practices that have been shown to build teacher knowledge and skill, enhance instruction and accelerate literacy learning.  We partner with schools that seek to put learning at the centre of their activities for students, teachers and leadership teams.  This website supports our partnership work, but is also accessible to anyone who would like to hone their skills for the teaching of literacy.  

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2010 Qld Regional Showcase Award:

Commonwealth Bank Award for Excellence in the Middle Phase of Learning: Literacy Lessons for Logan’s Learners

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2010 Qld State Showcase Award:

Commonwealth Bank Award for Excellence in the Middle Phase of Learning: Literacy Lessons for Logan’s Learners

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2011 Regional Showcase Award:

Remserve Award for Excellence in Innovation: Navigating Thinking

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2012 Griffith University Excellence in Teaching Award:

Programs and Teams that Enhance Learning: Smart Education Partnerships

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We have been using what we learned in real time throughout the three years of this project to inf...

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